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Love & Support

Hey everyone!!

Another entry devoted to Out Shop Cancer, I will say without the love and support from my wife with the stuff I do within Second Life and even in my real life; I would struggle so thank you love for all you do for me.  

However, everyone whether they are healthy or fighting ill health whether it is mental or a physical illness; everyone needs love and support.

Photo location credit; Deer River.

Thank you love for everything <3


[..::CuCa Designs::..] Comfort

Doux - Nova Hairstyle


Blueberry - Pizza - Fat Pack

Tastic-Kiss My Sweet Ass Shirt

[MJN] Highlighter Liner {BOM/CATWA}

[MJN] Pool Party {BOM/CATWA}

RAWR! Lala Catwa HD Pro Earrings


Home Sweet Home

Out Shop Cancer has started once again, it runs from 1st October to 31st October 2021 and supports by raising awareness and research into Breast Cancer,  Further entries will use either OSC or Out Shop Cancer; please note.

The event has items for men, women, Zooby Animesh (which you find via texture hud), and even home decor so is literally something for everyone.

Home is where the heart is

As seen in the above picture; the items used are:

Moderno House (Scarlet Creative)

mason jar chandelier / pink (floorplan)

C*La vie en rose Fireplace (Chris Garden; fireplace available at OSC)

Posh Princess Sex & Cuddles Sofa (-*Dirty Princess**-)

Sofa Sardegna (Nerenzo)

Sleepy Cat - Orange Tabby (+Half-Deer+)

Mission Tables - SL16B Gift (Blushed Creations

'Emma' Tulip Bouquet - Full Set ({what next})

Cocoa Kitty Mugs Gift (darkendStare.)

Vinyl Record Storage - Pink (Backbone)

Charlotte Book Pile ({what next})

Part of Olena Woodburning (Chez Moi)


Upon Reflection

Hey'll, I have been a blogger for coming up to 4 and a half years so in that time learned few things and been good advice. The best advice was from Sass, which was "only blog things you like" and I learned hard way from a past sponsor that expecting your bloggers to blog everything is just unrealistic so sadly I gave up that sponsor but it was better in long run due to my time being precious and for my own sanity.

I may not be a big name blogger however I have fun with few sponsors I do have and trying to present the item in a fun and creative way that it off. Anyways I have rambled enough, so thank you for supporting Katnip Times.

taken at ~Perpetuity~


sass [pepper set] (25% off at mainstore, at time of posting)
TRUTH Trinket - Essential


Summer Dreams

I do love my beach sims in SL, is many different ones and then I found this one based on a Cornish beach (Mousehole). I went over as many holidays growing up over in Cornwall, even as a young adult and it was so quiet and beautiful; worth a nosy.


sass [kitkat set] (as part of Thicc Girl Thursday; 22nd July 2021)
*!R.O!* Beach Time BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Flip Flops & Bag
Izzie's - Sandy Feet & Legs
DOUX - Yves hairstyle

Coming to a TV screen soon.... Nekowatch!

I couldn't resist a play on Baywatch, which is ironic or funny (depends on your point of view) as I never have watched the said tv show.


sass [fae bikini v1] (comes in 2 versions and at time of posting 25% at mainstore as main store release)
::SG:: Stylus
*Booty's Beauty* [BOM] Hielo Lip Gloss
CAZIMI: Electric Eyeshadow
Focus Poses. Lifeguard Tower Backdrop
Focus Poses. California Vibes (pose 1 used in photo)


Beach Holiday & BBQ

Hope everyone enjoying summer so far, it not been too bad here then we had few iffy days but that normal UK summer! At least in Second Life, the sun always shines and can have BBQ with ease.


sass [carley set v1] (For Thicc Thursday; 24th June 2021)

Izzie's - Sandy Feet & Legs


{Limerence} Kayla hair-Natural beauty


Happy Father's Day

Hey everyone!!  Happy Father's Day to those who have a male figure that like a Father to them as a father not necessarily someone by blood in my opinion.

Digital Farm System aka DFS has released some new lunchboxes. Which are gacha is 3 rares (as seen in the picture above; Daddy's Girl, Daddy's Boy and beige one saying Dad) and 9 commons. Gacha key is the picture below.


Content Kitteh

In the part of the UK I live in, we had some glorious sunshine and made me wish I could afford to go to the swimming pool and relax like my avatar.


Izzie's - Body & Face Waterdrops
sass [zsazsa swimsuit v2] - part of Thicc Girl Thursday
[MJN] Its Poppin Gloss {BOM/CATWA} (Found at Pretty from 7th Jun to 30th Jun 2021) 


Love is Like Oxygen

June has arrived so that means Pride has kicked off in Second Life, I'm very much part of the LGBTQ+ community as I proudly identify as bisexual, pansexual and sapiosexual if not obvious from past blog entries that feature my wife in the world plus she features again in this entry.

Love knows no gender


MINIMAL - Central Park Bridge

{L.P} LGBTQ + Pride pose v3 Pose 

sass [pride dress]

TRUTH HAIR Jenna -  reds

Veechi - Tinsel Shadow [BOM]

[MJN] Insta Famous Gloss {BOM/CATWA}


Keep Safe

Just because things are improving with Covid, don't mean you all shouldn't stay safe and forgo your masks just yet.  So please readers keep safe, get vaccinated if you can as rather have my readers safe, healthy and alive.

Stay safe folks


Amitie Scarf Mask&Handbag Pack (Pose 2 used in photo)

TRUTH Meadow - Essential

sass [lisbeth collection v1] (one of 2 options available at Pretty from 7th of May to 30th May 2021)



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