Thursday, 31 August 2017

B'Day Girl!!!


as it after 12am UK so I guess I can officially say I am now 33; though some may argue it not my birthday till my time of birthday but this is my blog so my rules so I say it's MY BIRTHDAY!!!!

I am now officially 33 and seriously where did this year as only seems like 5 minutes since I started my blog; lol.

Birthday Girl


Top: Kiss me it's my bday top - female (Flawed; MP Store only)
Skirt: Lisa Skirt - Light Blue pack (Miss Chelsea)
Shoes: Mary Pumps - RARE (Garbaggio, 17, Past Gatcha Item)
Hair: Monica - Mega Pack (Alice Project)
Pose: Hold a Box Pose 1 (Icons of Style; MP Only)
Gift: 10 Gift Boxes - Silver (Icons of Style)

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