Sunday, 2 July 2017

Hey Puddin!


I have changed Seren's appearance since I last did an entry however I reference that in another blog entry at later date.

This is dedicated to my fave DC character since her debut in 90s Batman cartoon; "The one and only Harley Quinn!"  Joker's line from the film Suicide Squad; I thought was apt here.
Hey Puddin
Pose: "Harlequin" Cage Prop (WetCat)
Hair: Harley - Harley Quinn RARE (Little Bones, past Gatcha Item)
Outfit Part 1: Daddys Harley Quinn (Candy Kitten)
Outfit Part 2: Pudding Harley Quinn (Candy Kitten)
Tattoo Part 1: Harley v2 (Endless Pain Tattoos)
Tattoo Part 2: My Puddin!! Princess Survival Wardrobe Kit (**Dirty Princess** )
Makeup: Daddy's Lil Harley Princess Face Makeup (**Dirty Princess** )
Accessories Part 1: My Puddin!! Princess Survival Wardrobe Kit (**Dirty Princess**)
Accessories Part 2: Harl3y Quinn/ SUICIDE bracelet 0.1 (^^Swallow^^)
Accessories Part 3: Harl3y Quinn/ PUDDIN Collar 0.1 (^^Swallow^^)
Skin: Immortal Skin for Catwa Heads (*YS&YS*)
Bubblegum: Female Bubblegum (Catwa)

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