Thursday, 11 May 2017



this was random mix and match outfit I put together; I actually think it looks pretty cool; and this was taken at my home so no surl for promotion today because its my private place; I do promise I will visit another sim for a blog picture soon as it is overdue I will admit that however I do want to thank all my awesome readers as I hit over 1200 hits and in almost 3 months that has blown me away so big thank you to you all readers!


Pose: Daddy's Girl (WetCat)
Top: Nap Queen - Fit Mesh (Nylon Outfitters)
Pants: Gracie with Boots - Fat Pack (Blueberry)
Nails: Soft Rain - Maitreya (ZoZ)
Shaved Hair Base: Undercut Hairbase - Natural Faded (Runaway Hair aka RA)
Hair: One Way or Another - Reds (Exile)

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