Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Seren's Intro


I'm Seren; usually found somewhere in Second Life (my sl name over there is MrsSeren Resident).  I can be either found hosting for Ohana Rock Club or The River Rock Club or trying to spend time with my Daddy Dom; Chad and my sister in submission; Rose.

I been posting fashion shots, other unrelated photos on my Flickr since Nov 2015; been entertaining idea on and off to do Fashion related blog hence Katnip Times.  As I do love to shop and show off what outfits I put together or what I brought.

Seren's basic base for all my outfits is:
  • Maitreya Mesh Body, Feet and Hands; Maitreya.
  • PN Neko Tail Tex Change One Night Stand as made by Psychotic Neko.
  • PN Neko Ears - Texture Change - Pierced as made by Psychotic Neko.
  • Currently using a system head which may change eventually.

This is Seren.

So about Seren; well I'm a neko young woman that basically means I'm half cat, half human so half furry I guess. I'm from UK, been back in Second Life at time of writing this intro almost 4 years; I love to explore new sims and hit various events such as Fameshed, C88,  or even buy the Luxe Box.

That pretty much all I can think of, if I think of anything else I will add further info page I guess.

See ya'll around Second Life.

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