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  • Pure Shores

    Inspired by All Saints song: Pure Shores plus who don’t love a day at the beach!

  • Days Gone by

    Mix of fashions to make a funky look called Steampunk, as mix of Victorian era and science fantasy.

  • Rolling Skating 101

    Some days are just simply about kicking back, relaxing and exploring.

  • Kitteh Lake

    Always wanted to do ballet alas in life I am klutz but my pixel self is way more graceful.

  • Here Comes Rain Again

    Inspired by Eurythmics song.

Dance Fever

I just want to thank my lovely friend; Hayz for assisting me in this collab blog entry; I will give link to Hayz's Blog so you can check out her blog and below is the details what I'm wearing in my photo.

Not sure who won; LOL!

Dress: Lilah Dress - Solids; also available in Stripes (Sass; Suicide Dollz 17th Nov to 29th Nov)
Hair: Cotton Hair - Basic & Deluxe Hud (Doux; Tres Chic 17th Nov to 10th Dec)
Shoes: Cheeta Shoes (Cult; Access 12th Nov to 8th Dec)
Socks: OMG Fuzzy Socks - No Ears (Sweet Thing)
Glasses:  Techno Glasse - Fatpack (Aurealis)
Pose: Dance Revolution Pose Set (Fasiowl Poses; Tres Chic 17th Nov to 10th Dec)
Backdrop: Illusion II - *1* RARE (Minimal; Past Gatcha Item)


I just want to say thanks to the organisers of Out Shop Cancer for giving me the opportunity back in October to blog for the event.  I really enjoyed the challenge of thinking of ways to show off the various items I got; so thanks!

I appreciate the certificate y'all gave me, so I am showing off to my readers of my blog in here as I think I am allowed to show off and be proud of myself!!

Yay me!


Sugar Crash

I love ice cream, especially Salted Caramel/Vanilla/Cookie Dough/Mint Choc Chip flavours but only problem is if I have too much then I have instant sugar crash and most likely go ultra sleepy though not diabetic (been confirmed by RL Dr); just can't handle too much sugar as I don't really like sickly sweet things.

So I showing off what happens to me; and cute outfit at the same time; LOL!

I scream, we scream....

Outfit: Josie (Sass; Suicide Dollz: 3rd Nov to 15th Nov)
Hair: Brighton Hoodie Hair - All (Truth)
Shoes: Arianna Sneakers (Reign)
Pose: Ice Creams Heals a Broken Heart (.GlamRus. - MP only store)
Backdrop: Cosy Bedroom [Colour Pop] (FoxCity)


I just want to thank Daddy for helping me with my photo for my blog; like so very much appreciated!!

His babygirl

Pose: Dat Ass (CH Poses; MP only)
Hair: Mishi; Basic & Deluxe Pack (Doux)
Bite Mark: Ass Bite Mark Tattoo Unisex; Omega (Natti)
Tattoo: Daddys Girl with Appliers: Omega, Belleza and Maitreya (~La Purr Shop~; MP only)
Knickers: Hester (Sass, Mainstore Release)
Stockings: Frou Stockings; Fatpack (Maddict)
Heels: Basic Platform Stiletto; Pastel Patent Pack (Reign)
Backdrop: Adult Moment; Lustful Hour (The Bearded Guy)


Wet & Windy Evening

I went to back to The Dirty Grind for this picture; I admit I have edited in paint.net however I wanted to add a few details to finish off the theme of the picture and happy with result.

Go Away RAIN!

Dress: Pretty Lady (Sparkettes; Out Shop Cancer; 1st October to 31st October)
Coat: Minnie - Fatpack (Blueberry)
Hair: Mishi - Fatpack includes Basic & Deluxe Hud (Doux)
Shoes: Mesh Rain Boots - Fatpack (Addams)
Socks: OMG Fuzzy Socks - No Ears (Sweet Thing)
Pose: Windy Storm - Pose 7 (Fashiowl, Seasons Story; 10th October to 2nd November)


There Is Worse Things I Could Do...

When Sass created the Pink Lady outfit; I knew I had to blog it because Grease is one of my fave all time movies.  I chose to be Rizzo as she my fave character,

I love when she sings the song: There Is Worse Things I Could Do (hence title of this entry) because it shows women of 50s were under pressure to behave certain way whereas woman now have bit more freedom now but we still have a long way to go as feel both genders should be equal.

Grease is the word

Hair: Sadie - Reds (Truth)
Outfit: The Pink Lady (Sass, On9 9th October to 28th October)
Lipstick: Love On Me - Catwa (Bella Elephante)
Eyeshadow: Smokey Eyeliner - Catwa (Veechi)
Pose: 50's TBird (Focus Poses)
Backdrop: Diner (Focus Poses)

Think PINK!!!!!!!

Every October is Breast Cancer Awareness in Second Life, I support this cause as everyone should think PINK!!! Last 4 years I hosted for Rock Your Rack; which supports this as well one year I blogged for same event. 

Making Strides Across Second Life and Rock Your Rack both support, raise real life money for American based breast cancer charities so it worth supporting both events!

This year I host at Rock Your Rack; as well as blogging Out Shop Cancer which is shopping event devoted to raising money for charity so let's think PINK and support these amazing events!

This blog entry shows off 2 beautiful and lovely items from OSC which I will give details after the picture so thank you my readers and followers for taking time to help this cause.

Save the BOOBIES!!!!
Hair: Tini Hair - Reds (#Foxy)
Jeans: Maia Jeans - Fatpack (Miu)
Top: Kadya - Special Edition (ZFG; found at Out Shop Cancer from 1st October to 31st October)
Brooch: Hope Ribbon - Wearable Version comes with Decor version (Short Leash and found at Out Shop Cancer from 1st October to 31st October)
Shoes: Meghan Winter Boots (Moda)
Pose: Routine (*!R.O.!*)
Backdrop: Welcome Autumn (Empowered)


Sneak Peek Preview

This is a sneak peek preview on what Moonshadow Rising are out for Breast Cancer fundraising; this shall be officially open from 1st Oct to 31st Oct plus we have other events coming too!

Hope to see ya there!! Make sure to take lots of pictures, bring the family and most of all; have fun!!!

Celebrating Autumn

I has to admit Autumn is my fave season of them all for few simple reasons as outlined; lol.

  • All colours of the leaves as they fall off the trees!
  • Walking through crunchy fallen leaves.
  • Colder Nights and or mornings.
  • Warm cosy drinks of mocha or cappuccino after being out in cold.
  • Halloween... enough said!
Really, don't think I need go on with my reasons for the love of Autumn; but this backdrop just felt so Autumnal so knew it was perfect for me to celebrate Autumn in whilst showing off latest Sass outfit.

Autumn has now officially arrived!!

Hair: Montana - Fatpack  (Truth)
Outfit: Daisy (Sass; Suicide Dollz 22nd September to 4th October)
Shoes: Annie Boot - Midnight (Hucci)
Pose: Pumpkin Patch - #4 (Focus Poses, Cosmopolitan 23rd September to 5th October)
Backdrop: Pumpkin Patch (Focus Poses, Cosmopolitan 23rd September to 5th October)


Out Shop Cancer


I am officially part of Out Shop Cancer blogging team; the event officially opens on 1st Oct and ends on 31st Oct so during October I shall be blogging items available at the event.

All proceeds from this event go to support the American Cancer Society’s breast cancer programs and services. Our Goal is to raise funds and awareness for Breast Cancer and for further info please visit:  https://makingstridessecondlife.org/out-shop-cancer-shopping-event/

Out Shop Cancer Logo

So look forward to the challenge blogging OSC and I shall be still blogging for Sass as well so next month should be bit busier so here goes nothing.

The event can be found here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/SKYLINE%20DREAMS/184/90/1001 but please note not open till 1st October!!!


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