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  • Pure Shores

    Inspired by All Saints song: Pure Shores plus who don’t love a day at the beach!

  • Days Gone by

    Mix of fashions to make a funky look called Steampunk, as mix of Victorian era and science fantasy.

  • Rolling Skating 101

    Some days are just simply about kicking back, relaxing and exploring.

  • Kitteh Lake

    Always wanted to do ballet alas in life I am klutz but my pixel self is way more graceful.

  • Here Comes Rain Again

    Inspired by Eurythmics song.

Clothing Dilemmas

I'm sure every girl or woman can identify with this whether it in SL or RL; you find a top you love but not sure what to put with it on bottom half.  Or any outfit; because I'm sure we all had a clothing dilemma once or even half dozen times.

So many options... what do I wear??

Top: Gabby V2 (Sass, Mainstore Release with 25% off for moment)
Shorts: Melody - Light Gray (Salt & Pepper)
Hair: Alesia (eXxEsS)
Eyeshadow: Kohl - Catwa (alaskametro<3)
Lipstick: Foxy - Catwa (MJN)
Pose: Fashion Pose 026 (Apple Spice)
Backdrop: Her Dressing Room (Cosmic Dust)

P.S. if your curious what whole scene looked like then the picture is below.  Since previous entries using Apple Spice Poses; I actually found their store in world so I actually link that for once; LOL!


How Do I Look?

This entry just a poke fun at something I heard and saw on bus; was this girl doing a video call using her phone and she asked how do I look? Which amused me no end but at same time I get if she was going to something like a job interview and needed an opinion so yeah I see humour and legit reasons why she would feel need to ask.

I found a pretty sim called Alba Mountains which reminded me very much of the villages round Scotland when I been on my holidays round there as well as some English villages; some places are people's homes so just warning you to be cautious though having said all that; still beautiful rural style sim.

Say; Catnip!

Hair: Bloodline (Doux)
Outfit: Harper (Sass; Anybody with 25% off for duration of event; 7th Feb to 29th Feb 2020)
Pose: Selfie VOL3-1 -Fatpack exclusive (FoxCity)

If there are no ups and downs in your life, then you're not living!

I read this somewhere quite a while back however I liked how it had echo and ring truth to those words because life does have up and down moments and those moments are what make up your life.

I had my up and down moments; I wouldn't trade them for anything because it what me who I am now.

Life goes and moves ever on

Outfit: Fawn (Sass, Crush 24th Jan to 20th Feb 2020; 10% off duration of event)
Hair: Jagoda; Reds (Wasabi; Uber 24th Jan to 22nd Feb 2020)
Earrings: Earrings Twinkle (.:Joplino:.)
Eyeshadow: Serenity; Catwa (Veechi)
Lipstick: Nymph Lips Set; Catwa & Omega (Dazed)
Pose: Stairs (Sitting)-2 (For Flat Feet) (FoxCity)
Backdrop: Heartbeat4 (Paparazzi)

Other Useful Info

G'Morning World!!

I be the first to admit I am not the greatest morning person till I had at least 2 cups of tea; not to good with eating breakfast unless it something that requires me need the energy to eat breakfast otherwise I don't bother.

Nothing beats the first cup of tea

Body: Maitreya Lara (Maitreya)
Head: Catwa Kathy (Catwa)
Outfit: Strong (Envious)
Hair: Mishi (Doux)
Lipstick: Exalted Lips - Sex Pot Edition (Adored)
Backdrop: Escape (FoxCity)
Pose: Early Morning Bento Pose (FoxCity)


Just Waiting

I am super familiar in my real for waiting around for a bus as where I live in life, they can be late but at least I have a bus service!!  I thought be funny and cute to pose to look like that I am waiting for a bus.

Hurry Up BUS!

Outfit: Aileen (Sass; Anybody 7th Jan to 30th Jan 2020; 10% off all pieces for duration of event)
Hair: Kat (Exile; Collabor88 8th Jan to 6th Feb 2020)
Pose: I Will Travel includes suitcase (Shi S Poses)
Backdrops: Urban Bus Style [Grunge] (Serenity Style) and #wall graffiti (Ninety; Past Access Group Gift)

Further Useful Notes:

Collabor88 Cam Sim 1
Collabor88 Cam Sim 2
Access Cam Sim


Ringing in 2020

Wow, we now in 2020; I wish all my readers a very Happy New Year and hope brings 2020 what they want.

I not made any resolutions because I never bother; lol! However don't you think 2019 went by super quick?

Main Shot:
Happy New Year!

Dress & Stole: Babs (Sass; Mainstore with 25% off in world)
Hair: Paula (Doux; Level 30th Dec 2019 to 24th Jan 2020)
Shoes: Kate Glitter Heels (Reign)
Pose: Sits VOL1-2 (FoxCity)
Backdrop: ClubBlack (FoxCity)

Close up shot:

Lipstick: Doll Gloss [Natural] - Catwa only (Veechi; Gacha; machine found in store)
Eyeshadow: Glamour Gloss Eyeshadow - Catwa/Omega (Mila - the 99L$ gift; Level 30th Dec 2019 to 24th Jan 2020)
Nail Polish: Splattered Sparkles (DP - Koffin Nails)

Merry Christmas Everyone!!

Just want to wish all my readers, a very Merry Christmas and hope everyone has a good one though please stay safe folks!!  This my last entry till just after Christmas then I be taking few days to spend with loved ones but should be back in action just after new year; maybe bit earlier as playing by ear!

I went back to the sim as seen in entry; Ooof.... I'm okay; honest!  To remind Santa that I been goodish neko and what I would like for Christmas.  I thought to try anyway, so if ya read that with straight face and didn't laugh then I'm amazed as far from an angel!

I hope everyone's Christmas wishes come true!

Outfit: Gothmas (Sass, Suicide Dollz 22nd 2019 Dec to 3rd Jan 2020 with 10% off for event)
Hair: X-MAS 2014 Dollarbie (eXxEsS)
Lipstick: Temptress Lipstick - Catwa (Avada~)
Eyeshadow: Enlighted includes Lashes - Catwa (*Booty's Beauty*)


SPLAT; Snowball Attack!

So few weeks back I saw that Envious were looking for bloggers; I thought to apply as got nothing to lose so I applied.  

Today I officially heard back from SayaNicole of Envious; I am pleased to announce I am also now official blogger for Envious and this my first official entry but I'm nervous too as it first time I blogged for someone new since Out Shop Cancer plus everyone has different standards and expectations.

Thank you SayaNicole for giving me a chance and I look forward to working with you as your blogger.


Body: Maitreya Lara (Maitreya)
Lipstick: Julie Lipsticks - Catwa (Envious Marketplace & Mainstore)
Eyeshadow: Glittalicious shadows; blue 4 u edition - Catwa (#Adored)
Outfit: Crazy Dream (Envious Marketplace & Mainstore)
Hair: Let It Snow (Magika; Christmas 2019 Shop Hop Gift)
Socks: Over Knee Socks (Belzebubble)
Pose: Snowball Bento Pose w/Mesh Snowball (*!R.O!*)
Backdrop: Hello Sir - Xmasss Feelings; Fatpack (The Bearded Guy; Unik Dec 2019 Round)

Ooof..... I'm okay; honest!

Seren maybe graceful even so she still has her klutz moments!  I love the idea of ice skating but I know most likely to land on my butt so hence this picture and I visited Tyraina for this picture so worth exploring as so pretty and peaceful if you like less busy winter/Christmas themed sims like I do,

Ouch!! Ma poor tushy :(

Lipstick: Chapped Lips Set 1 - Catwa (TacoCat; MP only)
Eyeshadow: Desire - Catwa (Livia)
Hair: Venere - Reds (Wasabi)
Nails: Snowflakes - 02 (Ascendant)
Stockings: Winter Snowflakes - Blue (Maddict)
Outfit: Opale; comes with unseen boots and coat (Sass; Winter Spirit 12th Dec 2019 to 10th Jan 2020)
Ice Skates: Babygirl Ice Skates (Candy Kitten)
Pose: I'm Okay (Diversion Poses; Access 12th Dec 2019 to 8th Jan 2020)


Baby; it's cold outside

You know what ironic about this picture, that you never catch me wearing outfit like this in snow as I shake my head folk who wear flip flops when it icy cold and skimpy clothing but guess each to their own.  Plus I really hate snow to boot but I like how the picture came out.

Brrrr! *shivers*

Blush: Winters Kiss Blush (POUT)
Socks: Over Knee Socks (Belzebubble)
Lippie: Devon Lipstick - Catwa (Avada)
Eyeshadow: Spring Fling Shadow - Catwa (Veechi)
Nails: Holographic Bento Nails 03 (Ascendant)
Hair: Aliya - Reds (Wasabi; Anthem 2nd Dec to 31st Dec 2019)
Outfit: Minnie (Sass; Anybody 7th Dec to 30th Dec 2019)
Shoes: Rhoda boots (Sass; Suicide Dollz 10th Dec to 20th Dec 2019)
Backdrop: Photo Booth - Old Station (FoxCity)
Pose: Cold Outside Bento Pose Set - 7; fatpack exclusive (FoxCity)


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