Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Morning Cappuccino Fix


I actually found a Starbucks, so I had to get my morning cappuccino fix; lol! The build is really cute and worth getting your coffee fix if required ;) so here is the surl.

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I actually don't drink much coffee in life however I do have a severe weakness for cappuccinos and mochas as just generally prefer them but if I do drink a coffee, it usually milky with no sugar.

Cappuccino Fix

Pose: Routine BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Latte & Phone (*!R.O!*)
Hair: Nina - Dark Reds (Exile)
Outfit: Roxanne (Sass; Suicide Dollz; 13th Jan to 25th Jan)
Nails: Avas - Reds (ZoZ, also comes in Blue)
Lippie: VIP Lipstick #15 (IDTTY Faces - VIP Lipstick #15; A+ Event 21st Jan to Feb 16th)
Eyeshadow: Riot Liner (Veechi)
Shoes: HiTop Sneakers (Red Girl; Suicide Dollz; 13th Jan to 25th Jan) - as seen in first shot