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  • Pure Shores

    Inspired by All Saints song: Pure Shores plus who don’t love a day at the beach!

  • Days Gone by

    Mix of fashions to make a funky look called Steampunk, as mix of Victorian era and science fantasy.

  • Rolling Skating 101

    Some days are just simply about kicking back, relaxing and exploring.

  • Kitteh Lake

    Always wanted to do ballet alas in life I am klutz but my pixel self is way more graceful.

  • Here Comes Rain Again

    Inspired by Eurythmics song.

& Bring The Beat Back

Hey'll; I could never break dance like my avatar is in the picture in this entry but thought be fun and went to Dirty Grind to take this picture.  Worth exploring as cute lil place and I love exploring unexplored places.


Outfit: Nelly; shoes, top, pants all sold separately and 25% off for duration of the Loading (Sass; Loading Event 9th Aug to 29th Aug)
Hair: What's Good Kelly - Fatpack (Astrology)
Pose: Devin - Break Dance 3 (Verocity; MP only)


Rainy Nights

Honestly I do love when it rains but when being stuck due to rain, not so much but I love how sometimes rain can clear the air and make everything less muggy or stuffy.

Another wet evening

Pose: Against the wall 23 and 23b (:::L.Pearl:::Poses - MP only)
Backdrop: Escape (FoxCity)
Hair: Deborah - Dark Reds (Analog Dog)
Dress: Kacee (Sass; Curves 3rd Aug to 24th Aug)
Shoes: Kacee (SassCurves 3rd Aug to 24th Aug)


Super Psycho Love

I was inspired by Simon Curtis' Song; Super Psycho Love and immediately thought of Joker and Harley with their Mad Love so had to cosplay again as Harley but in slightly different previous outfit I showed in previous entry with my cosplay as Harley Quinn.

Mad Love

Hair: Lilo - Fatpack (Truth)
Eyeshadow: Cyber Romy Shadow - Catwa (Veechi)
Dress: Daddy's Lil Monster (Envious)
Choker: Harl3y Quinn/ PUDDIN Collar 0.1 (^^Swallow^^)
Pose: Harley BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Bat (*!R.O!*)


Practise Makes Purrfect 🎶 ♬♫ ♪ ♩ 🎵

Music is my passion, but alas I am in life totally tone deaf to play an instrument and can't carry tune to save my life so this picture amuses me because I know me in life could never pick up violin and play anything decent from it!

🎶 ♬♫ ♪ ♩ 🎵

Backdrop: Music Speaks (Joplino; Suicide Dollz 16th Jul to 26th Jul)
Pose: Violin BENTO Pose Set w/Mesh Violin (*!R.O.!*)
Outfit: Heather (Sass; Mainstore Release)
Hair: Salome - Chapter II: Sky (Spellbound)

Game On!

I admit I do like to game, I used to play Neverwinter, SWTOR, STO fairly regular and in Neverwinter I had few characters at max level alas the friend I used to play with stopped playing but did love playing Jadi; my level 70 Scourge Warlock and when last looked she was at 2.4K overall power though sure it could be improved but in SL I play Tiny Empires Federation and 3000 which I enjoy.

Level Up

Outfit: Echo (Sass; Loading 9th July to 27th July)
Hair: Grimy - Fatpack (Beusy)
Necklace: Game On XOXO (TLB)
Pose: Gamer (*!RO!*)
Backdrop: Emotes (Joplino)


Secretary; anyone?

Anyone need a secretary? LOL, sorry I couldn't resist and apologies no surl for where this picture taken as personal one.

I'm good at dictation ;)

Suit: Dior (Sass; Anybody 7th Jul to 30th Jul)
Hair: Rory - All Colors (Besom)
Stockings including Garter: Sora Plain - Fatpack (Maddict)
Lippie: BeachPlease Gloss Nude - Catwa (MJN - MP and Selected Events; Mermaid Cove 5th Jul to 26th Jul)
Glasses: Mesh Nerd Glasses (Mad Mesh - MP)
Shoes: Dior (SassAnybody 7th Jul to 30th Jul)
Headset: Spy Headset (Amala - MP)

Summer & Keeping Cool

I do enjoy summer however not when it so hot and very little breeze like few days in UK plus it means I have to slap on sun cream as I can and do burn easily.

However found this cute little beach sim called Salt Water to take this picture and worth having an explore.

Splish, Splash

Hair: Melon - Reds (Wasabi)
Swimsuit: Carly (Sass; Curves 3rd Jul to 24th Jul)
Pose: Bikini Model Poses (Magnifique Poses; MP only)

Evening Swim

This may surprise my readers, even though I portray a neko: I actually love and adore being in water whether it just relaxing in the pool or having a swim; I just love and feel so relaxed in water.  So there you have it;  nekos do like water!!

Splish, Splash, SPLOSH!

Hair: Cupcake (eXxEsS)
Bikini: Isla (Sass, Mainstore & MP release; 299L$)
Nails: Glowing City - Fat Pack (Ascendant: Level, 30th May to 24th June)
Pose: By The Poolside 2 - Fat Pack (Kirin; Summerfest 21st June to 7th July and note Kirin Poses only found on MP)
Waterdrops: Body & Face Waterdrops (Izzie's)


Diet? Pffft

One thing I will never be unless I'm seriously ill where I can't stomach food or have eating disorder; that is a size zero.  Honestly; I rather not be one, I like having my curves in life and I'm happy mostly with how I look but I do have body hang ups.

What diet??

Hair: Sadie - Reds (Truth)
Eyeshadow: Mod Liner - Catwa (Veechi)
Lippie: Exhalted Lips; Sex Pot Edition - Cata (#Adored)
Dress & Shoes: Rizzo please note dress and shoes are sold seperately (Sass; Jersey Shore 8th June to 30th June)
Pose: Burger + Fries = Perfect Match W/props (Focus PosesCosmopolitan 3rd June to 15th June)


But First Let Me Take A Selfie

I'm honestly not really one for "selfies" but felt this was fun way to show this off!  So here ya'll go, here is my selfie! LOL.

Say Cheese!!!

Teddy: Cinthia Teddy (Witchcraft; Rally to Rescue 1st June to 20th June)
Tattoo: Bullie Love Tattoo (LBB; La Bella Boutique; Rally to Rescue 1st June to 20th June)
Lippie: Salvation Metallic Matte - Catwa (MJN; Marketplace only)
Nails: Black Studs Polish - Maitreya (ZoZ)
Pose: Selfie 6fx (FoxCity)
Hair: Peach - Reds (#Foxy)
Eyeshadow: Desire Eyeshadow - Catwa (Livia)

Sunny Sunday

Today I felt like another day at the beach so I did; this time I went to visit Endless Sunset and you can surf there if that your thing but me I'm happy just lazing on lounger; lol and naturally I put on my sun cream too.

Just chillin'

Bikini: Maisy (Sass; Rally to Rescue - 1st June to 20th June)
Tattoo: Fur Babies (Witchcraft; Rally to Rescue - 1st June to 20th June)
Hair: Angel - Reds (Wasabi)


Rally to Rescue

I got hired to be part of the blogging team for the event: Rally to Rescue and I will be showcasing various things that can be found at this event for sale; whether it be poses, deco or fashion however I relish the challenge.


Rally to Rescue officially opens on 1st June till 20th June; so worth supporting and thank you Rudhmellowen Laguna for giving me opportunity to be part of the blogging team!!

Inside the Mind of the Machine...

Another entry devoted to my love of cosplay; so when this Cyberpunk event opened I admit I totally squeed because I love punk and cyberpunk

I got inspired from seeing what was available to create a Cyber Neko look; so below is finished result.

I could hear the song The Mind of the Machine by N-Trance and the quote I used for caption is a line from the song.

"A new age is upon us, and man must soon relinquish his claim as ruler of the world. We can only hope there is compassion, understanding, even pity, inside, the mind of the machine"

Hair: Ghost - Blue ([A&Y])
Outfit: Cyber Fairy - 01 (Moon RabbitCyberpunk Fair 4th May to 25th May)
Make Up: Bot T-1000 (.{Pyscho :Byts}.)
Robotic Arm & Leg: Nyx (Wicca's Originals; Cyberpunk Fair 4th May to 25th May)
Gloves: Electra Cyber Glove - Black ([A&Y])
Eyepiece: EmoTech Lens (Astrara, Cyberpunk Fair 4th May to 25th May)
Boots: Cyberpunk Boots ([Red Girl]; Cyberpunk Fair 4th May to 25th May)
Tail & Ears: Kimecha (Sweet Thing; Cyberpunk Fair 4th May to 25th May)
Pose: Merc w/Gun (*!R.O!*)


Shh: Do Not Disturb ;)

Oh Hai!  Sorry; you kind of caught me at bad time as title says! ;) so yeah see you later, giggles! ;)

Enter if you dare....

Pose: Waiting For (*CS*)
Hair: Aimy - Reds (:::Phoenix:::)
Outfit: Jaz (Sass, Suicide Dollz: 19th May to 31st May) 
Lipstick: Exalted Lips - Sexpot - Catwa Edition (#Adored)
Eyeshadow: Julia Eyeshadow - Catwa (TLB)

Wet & Wild

I admit I love 70s disco music; heck I love most music bar Country & Western as I not big fan of that genre; I like some but as whole genre then pass please. As when I saw this pose; I immediately heard the 70s track: Car Wash by Rose Royce or some you may know the cover by Christina from Shark Tale.

Working At The Car Wash

Hair: Livia - Reds (Truth)
Suds: Your Soapy Body - Maitreya Version (Girlfriend)
Dress including shoes: Felipe (Sass; Anybody 7th May to 30th May:- please note shoes sold separately)
Pose: Car Wash (Cuca Designs; Pose Fair 4th May to 25th May)
Backdrop: East Side Parking Lot (illuZion,; Pose Fair 4th May to 25th May)

#MeToo for BOTH Genders

As we all know a while back #MeToo became a movement; I understand, agree and respect the principles of it however I just want to give my thoughts on this movement.

Either gender can dress in skimpy clothing or any type of clothing, does not mean they want it or is gagging for it; as I was wearing my PJs when I was sexually harassed in life; a few years back and yes I spoke out but sadly the person still in question has not apologized - even all this time recalling what happen still makes me feel dirty like when it happened BUT I am not a VICTIM; I spoke out; I have a VOICE. 

Women and Men can be both victims; personal space should be respected on both sides, not one more than other and that what I feel this movement has forgotten to some extent as you hear more women speaking about their experiences.

I believe the #MeToo movement should not just about women being sexually harassed but MEN also as they can be victims just as much women so I stand by #MeToo movement if we include men as victims as much as women because rape after all just does not happen to women.

So guys and gals; do NOT ever be afraid to speak out if you feel you had sexual harassment as either gender and use your VOICE so NEVER be afraid to speak out!



Days Gone By

Based on the recommendations from fellow SL forum users when I asked about pretty steampunk themed sims, one user suggested New Babbage and I'm so glad I looked round as it so pretty and felt fitting for my blog entry and showcasing my latest outfit by Sass.


Dress: Daria (Sass, Suicide Dollz; Apr 21st to May 3rd)
Boots: Daria (Sass, Suicide Dollz; Apr 21st to May 3rd)
Hair: Athena - Fat Pack (Truth VIP Gift)
Necklace: Necklace Steampunk Old Heart Grunge (Pixel Box)
Bracelet: Bracelet Steampunk Doomsday (Pixel Box)
Monocle: Steampunk Monocle Leather Right  (Pixel Box)
Pose: Summertime Bicycle Prop (What Next)

Unedited Shot


Sun, Sea & .....

I visited Baja Isles for this shot because the Baja sims are some of my fave for beach pretty sims as they just nail it with natural understated beauty of beaches.

Catching them rays....


Pose: Them Summer Days (~X.T.C Poses~)
Outfit: Alice (Sass; Mainstore Release)
Hair: Sugar - Reds (#Foxy)

Quiet Solitude


I love taking time out, finding new sims to explore and sometimes I can some real gems and Author's Point is such a gem.

I enjoyed some quiet solitude, as yes I do love to host however I do like taking time out for myself and quietly relaxing; so sat down and relaxed with my book - what more do I need?!

Sheer Bliss

Hair: Peach - Reds (#Foxy)
Outfit: Veronika includes Boots (Sass; Anybody 7th Apr to 30th Apr)
Pose: Butterfly Love (*CNZ*, eBENTO 11th Apr to 30th Apr)

C is for COOKIE!!

I have to say one of my fave snacks has to be cookies; whether it chocolate chip or white chocolate and cranberry or triple chocolate.  I love most cookies; I thought better way to show Sass' outfit from Candyland as seemed totally apt; with me and my love of cookies!!


Outfit: Venellope (Sass; Candyland 15th Mar to 25th Mar)
Hair: Peach - Reds (#Foxy; Kustom9 15th Mar to 10th Apr)
Cookies: Cookie Bucket - Meow (Hangry; Kustom9 15th Mar to 10th Apr)

It's 5 O'Clock Somewhere.....

I checked out this pretty sim called; Dolce Amour Beach today as thought this dress as perfect beach day dress and had quiet drink whilst at the sim; it's very quiet little place however that lends to the charm of the place.


Dress: Kirsty (Sass; 99L$ Promo Mainstore & MP Release)
Hair: Kayla - Red (Mina, Sultry which since closed)
Lippie: CATWA; Wild Lipstick #15 (IDTTY; A+ 21st Feb to 16th Mar)
Eyeshadow: Paint It Eyeshadow ([POUT!]; Whore Couture 1st Mar to 31st Mar)

Roller Skating 101

Not sure if this was best idea of mine or not; attempting to roller skate and I'm sure I will land on my back side a few times however I am gonna give it try or two!!  I am roller skating at Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk; as thought it looked a pretty sim and one thing for sure it is!

Roller Skating 101

Pose: Miss United Skates 4m (FoxCity)
Top: Ferrin; includes Jeans (Sass; Mainstore Release)
Shorts: Fye; Fat Pack (Blueberry)
Hair: Darling - Reds (#Foxy; Kustom9 Feb 15th -  10th Mar)
Shoes: SK8 - Flashback to the 80s (Atomic; Gatcha - past round of Rewind)

Boredom Sucks...


Just when boredom strikes because your friend more interesting in games than paying attention to you is kinda suck and pretty sure we all been however thank you to my friend; Sean for being willing to feature in my blog photo and sorry for thumping ya with the teddy bear!!  I promise to make it up to ya at some point; but thanks again for being amazing and helping a kitten in need!!

Pay attention to me!!! I'm bored.....

Outfit: Emily (Sass; Truck Show - opens from 19th Feb to 18th Mar)
Hair: Kitten; Chapter II Sky (Spellbound)
Pose: Ignored; Couple Pose (*!RO!*)
Backdrop: Backdrop Emotes (Joplino)

Anti Valentine's Day


I guess I have to explain myself I'm far from against the idea, just against whole idea of Valentine's Day because my logic says you should show one or ones (as I'm poly but that whole another story!) you love all the time, just not one happy however I do seriously wish my readers a very Happy Valentine's Day when it comes though just not my cup of tea!

Buzz Buzz

Hair: Luan - Fatpack (Runaway
Top: Anti-V (Sass; Promo 99L$ in store and comes with jeans and texture hud)
Jeans: Rie (Blueberry)
Eyeshadow: Retro Punk - Catwa Applier (Atomic - in world store being revamped so not open; MP only)
Pose: Message For You - Fuck You RARE (*CNZ*, Gatcha)


Morning Cappuccino Fix


I actually found a Starbucks, so I had to get my morning cappuccino fix; lol! The build is really cute and worth getting your coffee fix if required ;) so here is the surl.

You have received one text message
I actually don't drink much coffee in life however I do have a severe weakness for cappuccinos and mochas as just generally prefer them but if I do drink a coffee, it usually milky with no sugar.

Cappuccino Fix

Pose: Routine BENTO Pose w/ Mesh Latte & Phone (*!R.O!*)
Hair: Nina - Dark Reds (Exile)
Outfit: Roxanne (Sass; Suicide Dollz; 13th Jan to 25th Jan)
Nails: Avas - Reds (ZoZ, also comes in Blue)
Lippie: VIP Lipstick #15 (IDTTY Faces - VIP Lipstick #15; A+ Event 21st Jan to Feb 16th)
Eyeshadow: Riot Liner (Veechi)
Shoes: HiTop Sneakers (Red Girl; Suicide Dollz; 13th Jan to 25th Jan) - as seen in first shot


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